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Lion NFT

Lion characters are the best type of nft in the world of zbit Owners of this type of nft in the world of Zbit have two capabilities that other characters are deprived of these capabilities These two features include
1: The owners of this type of nft in the world of Zbit, their appearance is the same character that they bought in the form of nft and they are recognizable.
2: The owners of this type of nft have been told everything and the owners of this type of nft can buy everything that is bought and sold in the world of Zbit with a 30% discount.

Zbit produces two types of nft

1) Colored cards
2)Lion nfts

Zbit color cards are available in three colors: white, red and black.

White cards:
These types of cards have the lowest value in the world of Zbit There are 3,000 of these cards available. These cards are used in the world of Zbit for purposes such as buying animals, trees, living things, gardens and farms.
Red cards:
This type of card with 2000 pieces is used in the world of medium value zbit to buy tools and all kinds of industrial, semi-industrial machines and to buy all kinds of electrical tools and objects.
Black cards:
These cards with 300 numbers have the highest value in Zbit. With this card, you can buy everything Such as: car, land, house and ....
The owners of the black cards in the game are the bosses of the game who manage the legal items in the game and can be traded with them.

The Roadmap



In the first phase, 200 nfts will be produced. The value of nfts produced in this phase is higher than other nfts. NFTs of the first phase are the founders of ZBit.



After selling the nfts produced in the first phase, other nfts will be produced. In this phase, 400 nfts are produced. These types of nfts are citizens.



In this phase, field nfts are produced. The third phase includes 1000 nfts of field.



After the third phase nfts are sold, an unlimited number of field nfts will be produced.



The start of the world game


What is the ZBIT lion ?

ZBIT lion is a unique project built around polygon blockchain, where advanced art and literature merge.

How many lions can I mint on the site?

Based on our roadmap, we will provide other NFTs later and will add them to ZBIT to reward people for their activities and make more incentives for their participation.

How can I help boosting up the project, so everyone enjoys more of being here with us?

Everyone can help us in this revolutionary project by just being active on our social media. Above that, if you like, you can join us in any aspect you think you have a talent for that. We will squeeze your hand warmly. Just feel free to send us an email or contact us in discord.

What can I get in ZBIT nfts ?

First of all, we are all here to enjoy and have fun together. But there are more things to get here. Things like money and NFTs are obtainable too.

How can I buy NFT lions?

You can have NFT lions either by minting one on the main site or buying in OpenSea.

How many lions can I mint on the site?

Each blockchain address can only mint 5 lions at once.

How many lions can I own in my account?

You can have as many lions as you want in ZBIT. One of the major activities in our project is making collections through lions colors to have special access or even special gifts.

How can I be a part of this community?

Of course, most of the fun in ZBIT happens in Discord. You have to join our server if you want to make something out of this project...

What if I can't buy any NFTs? Is there anything there for me too?

ZBIT is an engage-to-earn metaverse-like business model which creates opportunities for everyone who joins and participates in its activities.

Can you please describe to me more of your creative business model?

Our newly raised theory is based on maximum participation. In this model, persons will be rewarded based on their involvement in the project. It's not a pay-to-earn model because you can earn freely by just being social. And it's not play-to-earn, because it's more a literary activity than a game.

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